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RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey

RaceTrac is an American gasoline retailer and operates over 300 retail gasoline convenience stores in 5 southeastern states (FL, GA, TX, LA, and MS). Now RaceTrac is willing to collect feedback from customers so as to improve itself. Spend a few minutes to complete the customer satisfaction survey online. As a reward you can get a validation code that can be redeemed on your next visit.

RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey Prize

  • A redemption code for your free item on your next visit

RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey Entry

RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Select the language you would prefer to take this survey: English or Spanish.
  2. Enter the store number that is located at the top of your store receipt.
  3. Select your visit date.
  4. Enter the Dollar amount you spent.
  5. Enter Home zip code.
  6. Select the answer to the question “Did you go inside the store today?”
  7. Answer other survey questions.
  8. Write the given redemption code on your receipt.

Reference Links

  1. RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey – www.tellracetrac.com
  2. RaceTrac official website – www.racetrac.com
  3. RaceTrac on Facebook  – www.facebook.com/RaceTrac
  4. RaceTrac on Twitter– twitter.com/RaceTrac
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