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Take Online Courses on Aimsperform

Without going to the crowded campus and wasting time walking to school, you can also learn something back home. Aimsperform provides you online course training. Visit the website and enjoy studying at home.

Take Online Courses on Aimsperform Instructions
Aimsperform is a place where you can take online courses. You can take course at home, office or wherever you like. Visit the website and start your e-learning.

AIMS makes use of Microsoft technology and currently only works with Internet Explorer on Windows computer. It will not open on Chrome or Firefox or any other browser.

  1. In Internet Explorer, go to the website and you will see the login page. Enter your user name and password. Click on “LogIn”.
  2. Once you entered the training page, you will see the “Learning Gateway”. To select the course you want, please click the course name.
  3. Each course menu will be displayed as three columns. The left is course details; the middle is modules that make up the course and the right is topics. The folder icon in front of the course will go green as you complete the training. You must pass the assessment at the end of each module to continue your training.
  4. Use the Next, Repeat and Back buttons to move through the course. You can also use the Menu button to return to the catalogue page.
  5. When you have finished your training course, click on the “X” at the top right to exit. You can go back to the “Learning Gateway”. If you do not log out properly, you will see “My Alert” next time you log in.

You can try taking online courses at home at

About Aimsperform
Aimsperform provides people with online training courses. People can learn knowledge at the website. It also offers assessment system which helps you to learn effectively.

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