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Share Your Screen and Get Help from Apple Support

Have you ever faced any problems that can hardly be solved by yourself or the friends around you when you used the Apple devices? That headache won’t attack again if you enjoy the remote screen share service issued by Apple, because you can send permissions to others and enable them to control your computer to help you solve problems. This service is also helpful for you to control your computer at home when you are far away working.

How to Share Screen

  1. Open the Finder window and click on “Shared” if there is no shared computer listed on your screen.
  2. Choose the one you want to share with and click on “Share Screen”.
  3. For a Registered User: Enter the login name and password to proceed. Make sure your login name is one of the allowed users if “Only these users” section is checked.
  4. By Asking Permission: Choose this section if you want to ask for others’ permission to enable you to share their screen.
  5. If others send you invitations to share your screen, you can select “Share the display” or “Connect to a virtual display”. By selecting “Connect to a virtual display”, you will share your mac with others while set up a brand new screen for yourself.

How to Share Screen with Apple Support Center
If you encounter a technical problems which can’t be solved by yourself with your mac and don’t want to go to the sales store, you are encouraged to share your screen with the Apple Support Center where you can get professional solving plans immediately. Before operating the sharing process, you need to get a session key in the first place. You have to visit the Apple support page and click on “Contact Apple”, click on “Get Started”, narrow down your problems, select the way you want to get help and enter your serial number, enter your contact information, upload your requirement and finally you will get a session key with which you can do steps below:

  1. Visit the Apple Support Center page at
  2. Enter the session key into the box and then click on “Submit” to file your claim.

Caution that: You can stop the screen sharing at any time. If you have anything that you want to keep private, move them away from your screen, because Apple Support can’t access your files or control your computer.

About Apple
Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne at April 1st, 1976, Apple keeps developing swiftly and powerfully and now it has been the world topped multinational corporation with the headquarter in Cupertino, California. It’s famous for the computer software, personal computers and hardware products.

Reference Links

  1. Share Screen With Apple Support –
  2. Official Site of Apple –

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    I was given an I pod. So of course I do not know how to use it. I have been treated with so much kindness and help from you people. Thank you so much. Your tech people have really been outstanding. Thank you so much. I would have never been able to use it if it were not for your tech team. Special Kudos for Barbara C.

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    Twice I was disconnected from your support , I gave my call back number should we get disconnected NO one ever called back. So I still have a problem your company dosen”t care. All my electronic devices are apple. Products are great , customer support sucks. One unhappy customer!