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Get AT&T Accounts Login, Registration & Management Tips

AT&T, as a giant of telecommunications, never stops the footstep to explore. In 1987, it started as a telephone company. Then, AT&T successively launches TV & messaging, wireless voice & data, broadband Internet and other portfolios. To learn more details about AT&T products as well as services, Visit AT&T Homepage. If you are a customer, it is easy to benefit from all with AT&T accounts. Keep reading to target more tips for your problems about AT&T accounts login, registration and management.

AT&T Account Login 

  • Accessing your AT&T accounts enables you to stay connected, informed and entertained. Through the secure, convenient and reliable Login Entry, you have a chance to contact your friends with ease, view full-scale news and enjoy oodles of music & shows.
  • Additionally, you can easily manage your products & services as well by logging in to your accounts. Take AT&T GoPhone as an example, you can control your mobile spending, refill your account, purchase service packages and more with AT&T My GoPhone Account.
  • If you are a business, large or small, sign in to AT&T Account Manager to get all available exclusive benefits.

Account Number
AT&T account number is either your connected home phone number, 10-digit account number or 12-digit one in a form of XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX.

  • How to get the account number to port my phone number
    When porting your phone number to another carrier, you possibly use the 12-digit account number which can be found on your bill or from your online account. However, for AT&T GoPhone customers, the only available way to obtain the number is by contacting AT&T customer service.

    1. Dial 611 with your GoPhone to contact AT&T customer service.
    2. Choose “More Options” by pressing 6. Then press 0 to get a rep and ask for your account number from him or her directly.
  • What to do when I get an error by inputting my PIN
    Along with the account number, your 4-digit PIN or passcode, namely the last four digits of your Social Security Number, is also a necessity to process phone number ports. Please note that the PIN is not identical to the one used to log in to your account to pay bills and more.
    Sometimes, you may get an error reading “Account number required or incorrect” during the porting process even though you have given the correct PIN. If this happens, call AT&T customer service to get a new one.

Check AT&T Account Balance
Paying Your AT&T Bills is simple and quick, so does checking AT&T account balance. With AT&T, you have multiple methods to keep tabs on your account balance.

  • Online. Log in to your MyAT&T Account and choose “myAT&T” at the top of the page. Head for “Make a Payment” to check your account balance.
  • From Your Device. Download the myAT&T app to launch it or click to log in. Then, choose “Pay bill” to make it.
  • By Phone. Call 800.288.2020 and confirm your account. Follow the prompts and say “Bill Balance”. During the process, the last four digits of your Social Security Number or 4-digit Personal Identification Number is needed.

Should any questions or problems occur, call AT&T Customer Service at 800.331.0500 or 611 with your AT&T wireless phone for help. Or you can troubleshoot and resolve issues on AT&T products and services by yourself with the help of AT&T Customer Repair Support.