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Netflix Error Code N8101-106

Some Netflix users recently leave message reporting “error code n8101-106” when they are going to watch online movies via Netflix. No matter you are using Wii, PS3 or XBOX 360, the problem occasionally happens.

There is no official message or explanation from Netflix about the reason leads to “error code n8101-106″ yet. Based on user’s feedback and discussion, the most possible reason is the internet connection problem, either in your internet service provider or from Netflix website.

Here is the process to troubleshoot “Netflix error code n8101-106“:

  1. Clear your browser or device(XBOX or Wii) cache, if you are sure how to do that, ask for help from the people around you or just restart the machine;
  2. Make sure your internet connection does work, visit or to see whether you are still online;
  3. Do a simple internet speed test and make sure your download speed is at least 2Mbps;
  4. If your local internet connection and speed is ok, connect to Netflix again;
  5. Everything should be back without “Netflix error code n8101-106” message. If the problem still exist, call Netflix customer service phone number at 1-866-716-0414.

There are also some discussions talking about the “Netflix error code n8101-106″ error message in Yahoo! answers and city-data:

  1. City-data thread about Netflix error code n8101-106
  2. Yahoo! answer about Netflix error code n8101-106

If you are facing more Netflix error code n8101 and n8102 connection issue, refer to Netflix TV help troubleshooting page to get more solutions. Leave your comments whether you have faced the “Netflix error code n8101-106″ problem and how did you solve it.

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