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Affinity Cellular Service Exclusively for AAA Members

When you think of AAA, the first things probably pop into your mind are their top services of maps and directions and emergency roadside assistance. If you want services for travel planning, hotels booking or car renting and getting insurance or loans, AAA has you covered, too. But AAA offers far more than that. With Affinity Cellular, AAA offers members-only discounted cell phone services to save you money as well as fit your cellular needs. AAA members could enjoy cellular packages and accessories at a great price, and save on no-cost calls to AAA roadside assistance.

Affinity Cellular Service Exclusively for AAA Members Instructions
As far back as the original bag phone, Affinity has been offering specially priced cellular services exclusively for AAA members for about 20 years. It is believed that Affinity deeply understands the cellular needs and expectations of AAA members. It promises to offer economical, secure and quality services to satisfy members as much as possible. The special plans it offer are guaranteed as simple, practical and affordable. To go into details, through Affinity Cellular service you could enjoy all the benefits including, but not limited to:

  • At a fraction of the cost, you could enjoy cellular service operated on the world’s most powerful network
  • Get cell phone plans starting at $10 per month with included minutes
  • Voice plans start at $10 per month include voice mail, call forwarding and three way calling at no additional charge
  • Text and picture messaging plans start at $1 per month
  • Data Plans allow you browse the internet start at $5 per month
  • With AAA Roadside Assistance phone numbers pre-programmed in phones
  • Keep your same number
  • Never come with long term contracts
  • Complete control of your plans which enables you freely choose your calling, text, and data plans
  • Certified green phones with lifetime guarantee
  • No termination fees

After getting to know these great features of Affinity Cellular service for AAA members above, if you are interested in it, you can enter your zip code at the landing page to confirm your clubs participation in this program. Then click “Submit”. Of course, if you are an existing customer, you can directly log in with your username and password. After submitting, you can apply for the service step by step:

  1. Click “Add Phone” to get started and select a device, up to 3 phones under one account. You can also enter an Affinity phone you have purchased. Pleas note that an Affinity phone is a must.
  2. Click “Continue”. Then you will be asked to choose “Yes” or “No” to confirm whether or not you will be sharing your new cellular plan with a friend or family member.
  3. Select a Voice plan by clicking the button next to the plan, click “Continue”.
  4. Select a Text plan or Text + Data Bundle plan, click “Continue”.
  5. Choose accessories like headset, memory card, phone case and more.
  6. Then click “Additional Services” and choose the extended service contracts if you want. Then click “Checkout”.
  7. Then you can start saving money with Affinity Cellular service after filling out the required account, billing, payment and shipping information and verifying your order.

For more detailed information about this topic, you can call its toll free phone number at 855-339-2453 or visit

About AAA and Affinity Cellular
AAA is a union of motor clubs across North America which involves 51 independent motor clubs and formerly known as American Automobile Association. With over 51 million members, AAA is a not-for-profit member service organization located in Heathrow, Florida. It offers kinds of services to its members like travel, automotive, insurance, financial, and discounts.
Affinity Cellular is a AAA participating business which offers cellular service offered exclusively to AAA members.For the past 2 decades, Affinity has been providing discount services to help AAA members save money and enjoy quality phone service.

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