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Clinique Education for Employees

Loving beauty is such a human nature that numerous people are seeking for effective ways to keep beauty and protect skin. In that case, cosmetics company, Clinique for example, has become a necessary part for many people. To satisfy customers’ needs, Clinique not only sells products but also provides consulting services. Of course, Clinique provides Education for Employees before they can give customers advices via Internet.

Clinique Education for Employees Instructions
Training Staff is the first step for a company to provide qualified products and satisfying services. Clinique Education is a program designed for Clinique employees. For Clinique staff, they can get benefits from Clinique Education program. To access Clinique education, employees have to log in via Clinique page. If you forget your password, you should click “Forget Password” and enter your registered e-mail ID so that you can find back or reset your password.

Of course, your can only log in when you are a registered member. If not, you should register. First you will be asked to create your username, set a password and fill in some basic information such as country, login code and e-mail ID. Then you can continue and you should provide some personal information. If you worry that your privacy may be disclosed or want to know more about your privacy protection, privacy policy and terms are located at the lower left for your reference.

From Clinique login page, you can also get access to App store and Google play which provide you with mobile course application for Clinique Education.

You need to notice that is a private website for Clinique employees only, and is not accessible to non-employees. If you are a non-employee, you may have interest in to learn more about Clinique products and for personalized recommendations for skincare, as well as makeup, or you can make a call at 1-800-419-4041 and send an email to

About Clinique
Clinique Laboratories, LLC, a cosmetics company, was founded in 1968 in New York, the United States of America. It belongs to American Estee Lauder group and became famous for its promotional basic three steps of skin protection at the very beginning. Its name indicates the medical origin and in the late 1960s, Clinique stood out with its fresh image and medical background. Clinique makes sure that all its products don’t contain any element that may lead to allergy and that all products can stand to clinical tests.

If you are an employee at Clinique, you can start your learning at

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