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Hyundai MPG Rewards Card

A card is usually designed for daily life convenience, in light of this point, a lot of companies issue prepaid card as rewards for their customers. Among them, Hyundai Motor America releases MPG Rewards Card for the benefits of its customers and itself as well. If you are a Hyundai MPG Rewards Card holder, it is worthwhile for you spend a few minutes in obtaining some information of Hyundai MPG Rewards Card.

Hyundai MPG Rewards Card Instructions
The Hyundai Rewards Card is a kind of Prepaid Card issued by Hyundai Motor America and it is loaded with an initial amount of money. The Card can be used worldwide at millions of locations where Debit MasterCard is accepted.

To activate Hyundai MPG Rewards Card is easy. You have two options for activation.

  • Visit HyundaiRewardCard page. “Click here to activate your card” or Click “activate card” and you can log in to card activation interface. There, you are required to put in your MasterCard Number for the sake of security and then you can proceed.
  • Call Hyundai Motor America automated system at 1-888-867-8032. Before you make a call, you should have your Card number and your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) prepared. VIN is a 17 digit number printed on your vehicle. You can find it in three places of your car – the lower left corner of the dashboard, the driver’s side door jam, or DMV registration card.

Remember to sign the back of your Card immediately after activation. You can begin to use your card two hours after activation and you can check your card balance. If you forget your personal identification number, click “forget pin” to find it back.

If you want to know other limitations of Hyundai Motor America Rewards Card, you can move to FAQs. If you have any other question or problem, you can turn to Hyundai Motor America customer service for help.

Hyundai Motor America customer service representatives are available on Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time, apart from major holidays. You can contact them in three easy ways: make a phone call, send an e-mail or write inquiries.

  • Phone: call at toll-free phone number 1 888-867-8032.
  • E-mail: send your e-mail to
  • Written customer service inquiries: mail inquiries to Program Headquarters, 19900 MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 700, Irvine, CA 92612.

G to for more details about Hyundai MPG Rewards Card.

About Hyundai Motor America
With headquarter in Costa Mesa, California, Hyundai Motor America was founded in 1985. As the subsidy of Hyundai Motor Co. of Korea, it produces over half of the cars that Hyundai sells in the United States owing to its excellent design in California, optimized engineering in Michigan and advanced manufacturing facilities in Alabama. The major products Hyundai Motor America focuses on are Elantra and Sonata passenger car models. And it has specialties in Manufacturing, Automotive, Sales and Franchise.

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    I called the number 888 867 8032 nd gave the number on the master card you sent me.
    Two times AT 888 867 8032 (THe TEL. ON THE CARD) they did not recognize the number.
    The third time they recognized the number and I gave them the vin number.
    The they wanted me to pick a number for security
    I chose 1111 …. they did not recognize the number, and hung up
    this is too much trouble.
    The number on the reward card is 511 1300 7383 5522
    My vin (last 6 numbers):530004- give me any security number you like