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Find Your Joy in Math

There is no doubt that education is always to be valued by people all over the world. However, as the saying goes,”Time has changed and the good old days are gone.” As time goes by, students have expanded their own horizon and acquired a new taste for the new thing. So, one thing we can conclude is that education, especially school education needs to be innovated. Mathematics, serving as the most difficult subject during the many’s school days, is so significant to students. Therefore, to lay a very firm foundation of math ability is vital to everyone. Here’s a English website which has been used mostly: Mathletics. It offers particular ways to let students find joy in math.

Find Your Joy in Math Instructions
Mathletics is to help the next generation in learning, helping them enjoy maths and achieve outstanding results. As the one of the mostly used tool, it has successfully helped a lot of students to cultivate a habit of learning mathematics while gaining fun.

On the homepage, you may be attracted by the “Mathletics Hall of Fame” by the first sight. In fact, it is a rank list of the “Top 100 or 50 Class/Students” in two areas: the whole world and in the UK. You can see these people’s nationalities, names of their school and their own names. The rank list is updated daily for the latest, exact information. On the list, there’s statistics about users online and total correct answers. On the right side is the “Mathlete of The Week” with his/her name, nationality, school and prize for his/her achievements. This website has apps on Apple and Android. Click the flash above “Mathlete of The Week”, you’ll have the apps for your mobile devices.

If you sign in, you’ll have chance to have a free class trial. Classes here have a variety forms.

In the “Purchase” section, if the children’s school is not subscribed to Mathletics, they can purchase an individual licence here. Here’s “Family Discount Prices” which will be cheaper for you to subscribe.

In the “Parents” section, Mathletics offers a parents centre to help parents enhance their children’s experience and gather valuable insight to their progress. You may download the booklet and  follow the book to try it.

In each item, there’re some pamphlets prepared for you to have more knowledge of this website, especially their classes. You can click the “download” button and have them.

On the lower left, click on the bar to take a look at “Live Stats”, “Challenges in Focus” and “Improvement Analysis”. You can take part in The Asian Math Challenge and World Education Games. You can see a logo “3P Learning”. 3P Learning is the publishing team behind Mathletics, a mathematics e-learning program that has become the world’s most used educational website. It is also the team behind the world’s largest educational event – World Math Day. “3P” is based on a learning model characterized by the convergence of lifelong formal, and personalized learning within a social context, Personalization, Participation and Knowledge-Pull.

You can download Mathletics for primary students, for high school students and for teachers, live Mathletics, and Mathletics for parents on PDF at the bottom “Guides” part. If you have any question, click “Contact Us”.

Visit the homepage and get more detailed information:

About Mathletics
Mathletics is a widely used website for students all around the world to learn mathematics. It covers more than 1,000 learning activities for students. Mathletics is built by a team of passionate educators and programmers. They are working on transforming the learning style and getting more children know the joy of study math.

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