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Home Education Study Multiplication Facts at

Study Multiplication Facts at

No matter you are a parent who are searching for a effective approach to help kids learn multiplication facts, a teacher who want to seek for better ways to plan your multiplication course, or a student who are willing to take part in different kinds of multiplication activities, is your destination. With resources of books, teaching videos, pictures and online games, the website surely gives you a pleasant experience in multiplication facts learning. Instructions
If you are a teacher who want to ,make your class interesting and attractive, follow the steps below in your class:

  1. Have your students watch the two videos(the examples of multiplication cases) on;
  2. Number pictures. The system uses pictures to remember numbers. you can print the pictures or show them on PowerPoint.
  3. Teach the Zero and One fact families according to the approaches provided by the website
  4. Use the fact navigator to choose a fact to teach. In the process of teaching, you can use tools like pictures and books or even materials like cookies, apples, pens and so on.
  5. Use games and activities to make learning the times tables fun. You may organize a game competition to test if the students have mastered multiplication facts.
  6. Review the knowledge. This time you can make use of the video or fact navigator again.

There are resources at, including books, flash cards and other learning products. You can log in with your account and purchase online. Remember to pay with your Visa Card, Amex Card or Discover Card.

About is a professional website helping students of all ages learn multiplication with fun. The approach presents each multiplication fact using the three basic modalities – pictures for the visual learner, stories for the auditory learner, and activities for the kinesthetic learner. Its teaching resources include games, pictures, videos and books.

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