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Nest Thermostat The Smartest Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat is a revolution on how a thermostat could be. It is well designed in a way that gives you the feeling that it is the iPhone in the thermostat. Though it is not a new concept of thermostat, but is the first one to be user friendly. It is a wireless device, so you can connect to your home network and control it on a web browser, on your computer or on your mobile devices.

Nest Thermostat The Smartest Thermostat Overview
Nest Thermostat is a smart device with an attractive design, it learns your behavior when you use it. Nest programs itself by creating a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes you’ve made and continually adapts to your changing life. For example, if you go to bed at 10 o’clock every night, you turn the Thermostat down, when you do this for a week Nest will do the same thing everyday for the rest of the week. If you only do that on the Monday, and you continue to do it a week after a week, Nest will automatically learn that behavior.

You may need to give your Nest some time to charge when you install it. Once you’ve sufficiently charged the Nest, it will work you through the process by asking you a series of questions. First thing you want to do is to connect to your wireless home network. You will be able to enter your password by using the dial interface. Once the software is updated, you can move on to configuring other settings.

If you want to change the temperature, just turn the ring and you will hear clicking when you turn it. When the changed temperature is above the ambient room temperature, you can see the  screen turns red, and gets brighter the warmer you turn it. You can see the indication about how long it will take to heat the room to your desired temperature.

When you click the Nest, you get more options, there are schedule, energy, settings, away, and a pair of blue and red icon. You can change the settings manually to your preferred temperature and time.

Nest app allows you to control the Nest device in your home wherever you are by using the arrows. It is really convenient and user friendly.

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About Nest
Nest is an innovative company that focus on turning unloved products in your home to simple, beautiful and thoughtful things. Nest Thermostat helps you save energy and Nest Protect helps you figure out if it’s a fire or carbon monoxide (CO) leak in you room, which room it’s in or if you’re in immediate danger.

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