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Activate Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Online to Keep Fit

Having a good shape is a consistent pursuit for everyone. So losing weight is the common plan for most beautiful girls. However, it is hard to lose weight and keep healthy at the same time. Now Weight Watchers is breaking down the nightmare and trying to provide customers with a scientific way to control weight.

Activate Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Online Instructions
Weight Watchers Monthly Pass is a great way to help you lose weight successfully. When you sign up for Monthly Pass you pay for your meeting fees one month at a time. The meeting provides you with free access to eTools, interactive tool, and recipes that help you stay on track.  You have two ways to participate in the Monthly Pass.

First, make payment online

  1. Visit Weight Watchers Monthly Pass page (see Reference Links 2) and enter your Zip code to sign up.
  2. You need to provide your personal information including your full name, height, weight and birth date.
  3. Review your payment details and check out online. You will be charged each month at monthly rate until you cancel. So there is no need to make a payment when you attend a meeting.
  4. You need to print your Monthly Pass Temporary Card, which you will need to show at any participating meeting until your first Month Pass card arrives in the mail. After logging in at Weight Watchers official site(see Reference Links 1), you can print the card.

Second, make payment at the meeting.

  1. Monthly Pass is accepted at most locations in the United States. To find one near you, visit Monthly Pass locations page (see Reference Links 3). You can get a Monthly Pass Starter Voucher then.
  2. Your Monthly Pass only becomes activate after you complete the sign-up online. Please remember you need to sign up within 7 days of purchase.
  3. To sign up, visit
  4. Please enter your access code which is located at your Starter Voucher.
  5. By doing so, you are able to print your Monthly Pass Temporary Card which should be brought each time you attend the meeting. is the right place for you to activate your Monthly Pass. Start the journey of losing weight and gaining confidence right now.

About Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is an international company headquartered in the United States, mainly offering various products and services to assist weigh loss and maintenance. It is founded in 1963 and now operates in over 30 countries around the world. Weight Watchers adopts scientific method to help customers lose weight by developing healthy habit and getting exercise.

Reference Links

  1. Weight Watchers Official Site –
  2. Weight Watchers Monthly Pass –
  3. Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Locations –
  4. Weight Watchers Monthly Pass FAQs –

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  1. Rated 5

    fun first meeting

  2. Rated 1

    I went to my first meeting in Ft. Thomas, KY and signed up for a 3 month pass. I do not have a smart phone and need to sign in by using my computer. However, I am having trouble doing that. What steps do I need to take?

  3. Rated 3

    I have paid for my monthly pass and wish to print a copy before meeting on Monday night but cant get into the site.
    Thank you
    Nancy Barr

  4. Rated 1

    I joined WW on this past Thurs, paid for three months with my Master Card, told to go home and activate by entering my 16 digit access code, my access code is 17 digits long! and it won’t let me enter it! Very very frustrating! What to do??? Don’t want to lose the money that I paid for this!! This is not a very good way to do this, should be done at the meeting place!

  5. Rated 1

    I FINALLY figured out how to get into start monthly pass website (after 14 or so failed attempts), was part way thru, and the website booted me out, and I cannot get back in. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!

  6. Rated 1

    I purchased a 6 month plan at a meeting and it won’t let me activate it. thinking of cancelling my boyfriends and my membership. This is a terrible and frustrating process.

  7. Rated 1

    I cannot get my activation code in. I attended a meeting today and paid for 3 months,was told to put the activation code in.

  8. Rated 1

    I signed up and paid for a 3month pass on 8/9/2017 .
    I have not been able to sign up since then. it will not accept my Access code and now my 7 days are up.
    I do not want to lose my $119 that I paid at my first meeting.
    …..and do not want to put in my Credit card info. again…as i did this at the meeting.
    This is very frustrating and unnecessary. I am ready to call it quits….
    please email me with a solution ASAP.

    Thank You

  9. Rated 3

    I’m trying to get my monthly pass and it wont take my access code. I just rejoined today because I’m a life time member and I have gained about 10 lbs. Their computers were down today is that the reason? I paid $42. today.Im getting discussed so right now rating wouldn’t be good


  10. Rated 3

    i didn’t find it an easy excercise at all

  11. Rated 3

    I just joined. I have not had time to have any comment

  12. Rated 5

    rate 1.5 I think I will get better at this and maybe learn more

  13. Rated 1

    used handout from meeting, there is no such site as start monthly pass. Also, I do not pay monthly by credit card!!!!!!

    I paid for three months at the first meeting.

  14. Rated 1




  15. Rated 2

    Very hard to find the download site. Then it kept saying my address and mailing address didn’t match. Of course it did. Very confusing. Took too long to do. This should have been done at the meeting site.

  16. Rated 1

    This temporary pass thing is ridiculous. We can’t even print it out. Already purchased 3 months pass in person in the office so I am not about to purchase more months on line right now so please tell us how to override this so that we all can get our temporary pass.

    Why don’t they give us our temporary pass in the office at the same time when we make our purchase. This is ridiculous. Frustrating…

  17. Rated 1

    This is the 2nd time and using 5 hrs of my time to get my monthly temp card.. I PAID 146..00 ON 3/11/17. In AZ….THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATING… please…..this is not good business……

  18. Rated 2

    I have signed up after many hours…finally and I am into my second day of an already paid three month membership…but…I have not been able to get on the web page to get the help I need and have already paid for. This process is very frustrating! I need some help as I do not want to fail at this!

  19. Rated 2

    I am excited to get started.

  20. Rated 2

    This pass business is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I got everything entered and then the website threw it out, therefore, I cannot get my temporary pass. Now what do I do. I have already paid my fee for three months.

  21. says:

    I love being on the ww program it is the only one that works for me.