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Netflix TV Help and Services Down Updates

For most troubleshooting issues, especially specific Netflix TV connection problems, Netflix help page only provides some basic information for customers. Dotcomol sets up this page to help you easily fix your Netflix TV connection issues and enjoy great online streaming movies and TV programs. You will find the most general Netflix connection questions and solutions here. Netflix users are also looking for updates when they can not connect the program for a long time. Leave your comments on this page if you have specific Netflix problems and can not find solutions.

Attention: Netflix faced serious connection problem in year 2012 Christmas, make sure you have some other planning on holiday or some backup programs if Netflix can not handle the traffic boost in holiday.

Netflix Shutdown Update

  1. 12/26/2013 Netflix connection updateNetflix is down again for users in the US, CA and Latin America due to the family reunion when too many people streaming Netflix at the same time. Check back often for more info on Netflix outage, or leave a message on Dotcomol Facebook page. The issues have been fixed within some 2 hours.
  2. 10/10/2013 Netflix connection update: well, Netflix is not working on this Friday again. We are trying to find more information and keep refreshing the page for more updates. Or you can visit Dotcomol Facebook page to leave comments.
  3. 6/14/2013 Netflix connection update: This time Netflix has connection issue on Friday night. Leave your comments how long you can not connect Netflix. The problem is fixed within 2 hours.
  4. 2/22/2013 Netflix Outage update: This time only a small number of Netflix users noticed connection problem. Leave your comments about the exact problem you are facing and we will try to send out Netflix latest update and solution message.
  5. 12/24/2012 Netflix Outage update: Once more, Netflix service was down and lots of customers can not connect to its online streaming service in this holiday. It is a pity that Amazon AWS clouding structure in Virginia has some problem, which caused Netflix outage. There is no solution until Amazon fixed the problem. Share your comments about where are you coming from and the time you had this problem and when it is back to normal. Anyway, hope there is no more Netflix outage again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  6. 7/23/2012 Netflix service update: Some customers are facing another round of Netflix connection issue, it was because of Netflix movie streaming servers problem.
  7. 6/29/2012 Netflix service update: Netflix service was down due to severe thunder storms in North Virginia, Amazon Cloud servers were shutting down and that caused service problem in Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest and some other top web services. You may not connect Netflix streaming or activate new Netflix account within that several hours. All streaming service is back to normal now, reach Netflix customer service team if you can not connect Netflix now.

Netflix TV Help General Guide
Refer to the following process to figure out your Netflix TV issues before you contact Netflix customer support team.

  1. People around you are using Netflix services mostly in the night, especially on weekend nights. So do not worry or try to find an easy solution for your Netflix TV connection issue on Friday night or Saturday night.
  2. Netflix TV connection problem normally happens around 8-10 PM on Saturday or Sunday night based on customer feedback.
  3. If your Netflix works well before and has connection problem, check your home internet access first.
  4. If your internet access is OK, log in to your Netflix account and check your payment status. Look for Manage Video Quality under Your Streaming Plan and choose the right level of quality for your Internet plan.
  5. If your Netflix payment status is also OK, then use the following instructions to troubleshoot your Netflix TV connection issues.

Netflix official customer support page provides some basic troubleshooting information about Cannot Connect to Netflix issues and Troubleshooting Network Connection Issues. Refer to the guidance and find out whether they solve your problem. If not, come to this page and share your comments.

Many Netflix customers are facing “Unable to Connect Netflix” error message when they are trying to watch Netflix movies. Customer ylmkls confirmed the VRS’ solution did work for him. Highlight the content in the first screen. Share your feedback whether it works or not and say “thank you” to VRS if it fixed your problem as well.

Netflix “Unable to Connect Netflix” Error Message Solution
Thanks VRS who provides Netflix “Unable to Connect Netflix” error message solution:

  1. Go to your computer with the internet connection/router connected to it
  2. Go to start, input: cmd
  3. Type ipconfig/flushdns
  4. Type ipconfig
  5. Make note of IP address, subnet mask, gateway #’s
  6. Go to your TV with netflix
  7. Open settings
  8. Go to network settings
  9. Ensure the IP, subnet mask, gateway #’s are the same as your note from ipconfig on your computer after flushing the DNS.

VRS’ solution works on 5/27/2012. VRS shared this solution in comments area.

The Latest Netflix TV Connection Problem
The popular question like “What devices can display subtitles for movies and TV shows I watch instantly?”, “How do I watch instantly on my TV with a Netflix-ready device?”, ” Can I watch movies instantly with my TV or Projector?”, “What are the system requirements for the Starz TV channel?” and “What movies and TV episodes can I watch via my PS3?” can be answered here. If you are facing Netflix error code n8101-106 problem, you can go to the link page to find out the right solution.

Customer Eljorgino raised a question “Does anyone know how to set the audio in Spanish or set up the subtitles on a movie in the Wii console? I know how to on my computer, but I can find anything on the Wii.“. Anybody can answer that? Share your solutions with Eljorgino. Based on the Netflix help center, you can enable subtitles and alternate audio in the Netflix channel on your Nintendo Wii by clicking the Dialog button on the right side of the screen. Please refer to Netflix Subtitles and Language Preferences for instructions. Only when subtitles and alternate audio options are offered by the movie or TV show will they be displayed. The kid-friendly section of Netflix does not display subtitle or alternate audio options.

Netflix TV Help and Customer Service Guidance
It seems that there are some Netflix users can not fix their TV connection with Netflix movie streaming services. Check the following steps before you contact Netflix customer service team for help:

  1. Make sure your high speed internet connection works. Use your laptop or iPhone, Android smartphone to connect Google, Facebook and the connection speed is faster than 1M bps. A wired connection is recommended wherever possible for the best results;
  2. Go to and double check the website and service is there for you and your friends;
  3. Turn your TV back to TV model and figure out TV works well with normal TV station programs;
  4.;_search_text=tv is Netflix TV help FAQs. If your problem is described on the main page, go to the answers. If not, use its search function to find more information;
  5. If you have gone though all those steps, but the problem is still there, call 866-716-0414 and talk to Netflix customer service representative directly.

Based on customer feedback, there was a severe Netflix connection issue on July 17, 2011. Most customers who can not connect Netflix streaming service are coming from California, Texas, Florida and New York. Hope Netflix can have a real time status reporting page to help customers better understand when there exists a connection issue.

With $7.99/month, you will be able to watch all the movies at Netflix with the devices you have, like Xbox 360, Wii, PS3. What is more, you can redeem any Netflix gift card, which is also the place to purchase customized gift card for your friends. Netflix is increasing its package price which caused different feedback from customers. Are you still going to subscribe its movie streaming services? What is the major reason for you to use Netflix?

What is the device limitation for a Netflix account?

Based on Netflix terms and conditions, you can use up to 6 unique authorized Netflix ready devices at the same time. If you see “too many devices” pop up message, double check your Netflix account and figure out whether there are more than 6 devices are already online with Netflix via your account.

Netflix is working on a project named Netflix friends. Do you like it? Or you like talking about your favorite movies on Facebook?

Feel free to read instructions for Netflix Devices Activation.

About Netflix
With more than 26 million streaming members in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Netflix is the world’s leading internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV programs. For about US$7.99 a month, Netflix members can instantly watch movies and TV programs streamed over the internet to PCs, Macs and TVs. Among the large and expanding base of devices streaming from Netflix are the Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 consoles; an array of Blu-ray disc players, internet-connected TVs, home theatre systems, digital video recorders and internet video players; Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as Apple TV and Google TV. In all, over 800 devices that stream from Netflix are available.

Netflix TV Help Troubleshooting Reference Links

  1. Netflix Official Site –
  2. Netflix FAQs –
  3. Netflix TV Help Link – or
  4. Netflix Online Help Center –
  5. Netflix on Xbox Live –
  6. Netflix Facebook Page –
  7. Netflix Twitter Page –
  8. Sign up Netflix Program –

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    We love netflix. Netflix has made watching tv more exciting as we can choose what we want to watch and not have to pay the cable high fees.

    Thanks Netflix!

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